Posted by: fancywriter | April 5, 2012

Minorities Rights Still Being Abused

Report alleging that the minority peoples rights are still being abused in Kenya has been written by the Africa Commision on Human and Peoples Rights.

Two rullings made earlier by the Africa commission are the subject of this abuse:
1. The rulling made in February 2010, regarding the teturn to the Enderois community of the land from where they were forced out by the government of Kenya in 1978.
2. The landmark rulling in November 2011, on the Kenya Nubian children rights to citizenship.

Minority and marginalized groups still face serious problems which threaten their existence in most parts of the world. This is despite the tremendous efforts put by the Human Right Organizations and other civil bodies to change the world order for the better. These changes being promoted have little or no impact at all especially in African countries. Land grabbing and other injustices by political elites are still the order of the day, and is geared towards denying the marginalized recognition and drive them into poverty.
The threats to these groups are historical in nature, emanating from the policies of the colonial masters. But this has been taken a notch higher by the policies of the post-indipendance republics where political elites have considtently failed to recognize and ratify international and reginal instruments that recognize rights of all human beings. This is the biggest problem.
The minorities are marginalized because they lack political representation and therefore their concerns are never heard of or taken into account.


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