Posted by: fancywriter | August 26, 2012

Community Forum

Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology

Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The word community as we know, is defined as a group of like minded people.

In a community, common interests and common objectives are necessary. People in a community live together for the achievement of common objective. In other words people unite and speak with one voice. They see that unity is essential to foster their agenda.

Unity comes from people uniting, it is therefore obvious that community is not the same without one of you.

Think of a community like a body of a creature, made up of many different parts, each part has its function which contributes to the working of the whole body. The body is therefore not complete without one of the constituent parts.

Using the above example to emphasize the importance of unity in a community, it is well known that some communities are so small in numbers that their only strength will come from their unity. Without uniting to speak with one voice, they are prone to discrimination and marginalization.

One such community which has been marginalized and denied their basic Human Rights for decades are the Nubian community in Kenya.

To address this evil discrimination problems, unity among the members of the community was put as a top agenda. The unity among members of the community enabled a united push for their grievances and common objectives.

This push for unity saw various community forums being established. Two most important forums that were very useful are the Kibra Land Committee ( KLC ), which engaged the Kenya government on the issue of the Kibra land ownership, and the Community Rights Forum ( CRF ), which drew up a comprehensive presentation to the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission ( TJRC ), a body formed by the Kenya government to look into the past injustices.

Todate, the efforts put up by the community appear to bear some fruits as the government has shown some willingness to address the land issue. Save for the result from the Justice and Reconciliation Commission whose reports are awaited.


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