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Self-help Project, a Tool for Development

Beehive Art

Beehive Art (Photo credit: Martin Pettitt)

Self-help project as a tool for development

The case of Ummah Welfare Group.

Community development is a social action process in which people of a community get together, or put their efforts together to deliberate on a development project with the aim of enhancing their economic conditions.

The community normally identify common and individual needs which make the group plan to meet these needs, execute the plans with a maximum reliance upon community resources.

With many developing countries facing increasing fiscal constraints, coupled with bad governance, many of the rural communities get less attention from the government hence the need for the residents to mobilize themselves for the task of community development. Self help project is an empowerment strategy which enables local people to exploit  to their advantage human and material resources which would otherwise lie dormant.

This report highlights the project ” Beehive farming “, which was conceived by Ummah Welfare Group.

The report focus on the fact that the project was started by communal effort. The project team committee comprised of four members who were unanimously selected by members of the group. None of the committee members had previous knowledge of bee farming.

A consultant who is experienced in bee farming was employed to start up the project.

Location of the project

The project is located on a farm or plantation in Mtwapa  about 12 kilometers from Mombasa city, off  Malindi road.

Awareness, mobilization and execution of the project

The most widely used source of awareness to the members about the feasibility of the project was conveyance of meetings. Method of resources mobilization were voluntary donations, and no loan was involved.

At the time of writing this report, the project had taken off the ground but still at its early stage.

The next stage of reporting will specifically address the following matters:

a)  The desirability of the project among the members of the community.

b)  The goals for which the project was embarked upon.

c)  The leadership structure involved in the execution of the project.

d)  Strategies used in mobilizing people and resources for the project.

e)  Other parties involvement in the project.

f)  The extent to which the expectations of the members from the project have been met.



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