Posted by: fancywriter | August 30, 2012

Self Help Project….A Project for Self Sustenance

Community Support Group

Community Support Group (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Self Help Groups Employ Self Help projects  for self sustenance

Self Help Group ( SHG ), also known as mutual aid or support group are groups of people who provide mutual supports for each other. In a SHG, members share a common problem. Their mutual goal is to help each other to deal with and if possible end the problem (s).

With many countries, mainly in the developing parts of the world facing increasing fiscal constraints, coupled with bad governance, many of the rural communities get less attention from the governments. These groups of people have come to realize that there is need for the residents to mobilize themselves for the task of community of development.

The concept of Self Help Project ( SHP ) has come in handy – this is an empowerment strategy that enables local people to exploit to their advantage human and material resources which would otherwise be wasted, in order to perpetuate ignorance and poverty.

SHP enables people to embark on development projects through concerted efforts.

When we talk about SHP, we put before us the question of everyday life. Like in any business plan, and  for this matter any self help initiative, an essential foundation is built for social enterprise.

For meaningful objectives to take root, people need to plan projects ( activities ) that can realize the vision of self reliance and sustainability. This way, through tireless efforts of the managing committees and indeed ordinary members, a self help group can see several self help projects to carter for the ever growing needs of the community members.


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