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Community Strategic Plan

English: SWOT analysis diagram in English lang...

English: SWOT analysis diagram in English language. Français : Matrice SWOT en anglais. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







PASSION: Lets develop passion to have progressive Kibra.

Passion is a very simple and yet a very important word. The word means ” a strong feeling of love or anger”. What you really are can be seen by where your passion lies. Passion is the ingredient that makes transformation possible.

It is said that skill provides you options while passion pushes you to pursue options – ignore passion and forget progress.

So we want to transform as a community! To begin the process of transformation, we must have an accurate assessment of who we are, where we are, and where we want to be. Hence turning to SWOT analysis.

First, let’s look at our Kibra passionately:

  1. We all know that there is a great “passion” among our community for our Kibra. People love the ambiance, the natural setting, the country side, the history, the heritage and much more. These feelings have unfortunately, been largely destroyed by the politics of this country.
  2. There is a strong sense of community. We are proud of ourselves, our community organizations and our neighbourhoods.
  3. There is a sense of entrenchment. As people say, “we all love progress, it’s the change we hate”.
  4. None the less. We recognize the opportunity in pursuing fresh ideas/attitudes. There is a desire to create a new vision plan for the future and coordinate efforts among the community.
  5. Too much focus on issues and weaknesses. We need to promote our strengths among ourselves. Then we will be better be able to present our strengths to visitors and others outside our community.
  6. There are specific issues that are foremost in our minds:
    1. To unite each one of us so that we speak from the same voice.
    2. To get the tittle deed for our land.
    3. To protect our quality of life and address the well being of our people.
  7. There are strengths to build upon and opportunities to pursue:
    1. Co-ordinating the talents and energies of our people to achieve a common vision.
    2. Arts, culture, recreation and leisure
    3. Heritage
    4. Under-utilized resources
    5. Honesty
  8. Our people are knowledgeable, experienced and brimming with interesting and innovative ideas. The challenge is to make good use of these valuable resources.

Some SWOT ideas by topics:

  1. Arts, Culture and Recreation

Strengths . Community spirit and pride

. History: rich historical background

. First community to settle in Nairobi

Weaknesses . Community lacks tradition of volunteering their time and talent for the benefit of

Its people.

. Lack of broad vision, policy and leadership for culture and recreation

. No organised programs for community culture and recreation.

. Lack of funding to carry out such programs.

. Knowledge of community about culture or events is poor; need better communi-


. Limited or no opportunities for recreation.

Opportunities . Planning, developing facilities for culture and recreation.

. Acquiring facilities for such

Threats . No volunteers coming forward.

. Lack of funds.

  1. Economic Development : Labour Market/ Training

    Strengths . People: educated, diverse, young

    . Community networks and organizations

    Weaknesses . Lack of broad vision and common goals

    . Not addressing needs of neediest

    . Lack of linkages between employers, training agencies

    . No involvement in small businesses

    Opportunities . Focus on small businesses

    . Focus on growth sectors: tourism, use our crafts, Tabaga, Kuta, Birish

    . Increased partnership activity : refocus/expand role of existing edu-

    cational facilities

    . Build stronger links with NGOs, business communities

    Threats . Competition for employment and businesses with other communities

    . ” Status Quo Thinking ”

  2. Our Neighbourhoods

    Strengths . Neighbourhood identities and strong traditions

    . People : diversity, good mix of age, interests

    . Facilities : affordable (own) housing

    Weaknesses . No recreational facilities

    . Most houses are temporary structures, no insurerence

    . Increasing costs leading to affordability problems

    . Growing gaps between “Haves and Have Nots”

    . Lack of common vision/goals between community

    . Lack of vibrant neighbourhood

    Opportunities . Associations, events, planning, communications.

  3. Community Services : Education, Health and other Instiyutions

    Strengths . Educational infrastructure

    . Strong base of institutions/ programs

    Weaknesses . Working in ” Silos ”

    . Not communicating with ” ordinary people ”

    . Not6 connecting with neighbourhoods

    . Not focusing on children early enough, infant pre-school programming lacking, need

    Parenting supports.

    Opportunities . Aging population : skills and experience can be tapped.

    . New partnerships, roles and approaches

    . Plan and evaluate programs and policies from health perspective

    . Increased focus on early years of life: parenting skills and support.

    Threats . Resources required : funding expertise etc.

  1. Community Services : Role of Non-profit Organizations

    Strengths . People : volunteers, community organizations

    . Generosity of the community

    . Seniors/retirees : education, experience and skills to offer

    Weaknesses . Aging population : can we4 meet needs? Lose active volunteers

    . Gap in meeting needs, lack of funding, lack of assessment of needs,

    Lack of coordination – identify NGO to work with

    . Lack of long range funding

    . Underestimating ( not aware of magnitude of ) needs of those in poverty

    Opportunities . Establish link or coordination with NGO

    . Community work by youth/students, get them into community service early enough,

    (not activists)

    . ” corporate giving has no place to but up”

    Threats . Government abandoning responsibilities and dumping onto NGO

  1. Youth

    Strengths . Youth : diverse, educated, with new skills, can help each other

    . Supportive community organizations : Boys clubs, Girls clubs etc.

    Weaknesses . Lack of social, cultural recreational facilities

    . Lack of training to large percentage of youth – access to employment

    . Lack of understanding and trust to our young people by general public

    . Involvement in drug abuse, thuggery

    . No programs and funding for supports to youth : counselling, healthcare


. Lack of vision that recognises importance of youth to community future

Opportunities . Focus on community needs and sustainable development

. Establish funding for youth needs

. Link educational/training services and facilities to youth

. Take advantage of youth skills; technology, creative arts

. Match older workers with youth as mentors

. Increase focus on youth

Threats . Increasing gap between ” Haves and Have-nots ”

. Increasing homeless among youth

  1. Seniors

    Strengths . People : friendly, cultured and diverse

    . Quality of life : natural, vibrancy of community, mid-class/low class, family


. Upholding cultures of the community

. Influential to community youth

Weaknesses . Lack of targeted facilities for recreation and leisure ; need seniors centre

. No comfortable permanent housing

. Contributions of seniors to community recognised and appreciated?

. Enough home care for the aged?

. Not enough or lack of coordination of information ; services, programs,

Cultural activities etc.

Opportunities . Take advantage of increasing number of seniors as an increasing base of

Potential volunteers for community groups and activities

. Use seniors expertise in consulting field.

Threats . Incidence of poverty among older seniors and particularly women

. Lack of access to healthcare

. Lack of long term focus/vision in the community

. What do we know about future of this demographic group

. Increased sense of loneliness among seniors as support networks weaken

Among families, friends, neighbourhoods.

  1. Housing

    Strengths . Land available for housing development

    . Own houses.

Weaknesses . Government still unwilling to give Kibra land back to Nubian community

. Lack of capital for affordable housing projects once title deed is obtained

. Lack of identification of partner from private sector to participate in housing project.

Opportunities . Form task force to develop strategy ready for implementation

. Build partnership with non-profit organisations to address issues concerning low

Cost households.

Threats . Slow approval process by the government of the Kibra land title is abarrier

. Unwillingness to give the land to the community.


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