Posted by: fancywriter | November 6, 2012

Origin of the Nubians

Origin of Nubians

Nubians are non-Arab Muslim tribes who originated from the Nubia region – which is an area between Aswan in the southern Egypt and Dongola in the northern Sudan.


Most Nubian groups speak their own dialect of the Nubian language mixed with Arabic (Arabic being the common language of business and trade in Sudan). Although this group of people speaks different languages, they are identical in social, economic and cultural organization. This was the reason why those who relocated to East Africa – ie. Kenya and Uganda and some parts of Tanzania found it easy to identify themselves as Nubians with one common language, (Nubian language).


Nubian Lives

The Nubians are traditionally settled farmers. They are characterized by dark skin. Many of them have what might be called “Arab” or “Mediterranean” features, while others have more “Central African” features.

Clearly they are not and never were a “pure race” since from ancient times they have intermingled with peoples both from north and south.


The Nubians are unified, however, by their strong cultural allegiance, by their language and by recognition that they are people with a very ancient and glorious past


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